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She's worth it all ^^ 18/01/2018


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Unexpected encounter... 10/08/2016

I've known you when I least expected.... in a quite particular way. And who would guess that you would be that special for me now. I don't think I am in love with you. At least not yet probably hahahahah :D  *joking*
But I know that I feel a hole, an emptiness deep inside myself when we don't talk. Perhaps I can say that “I miss you”.
I'm rational. We don't know each other for long, yet there was something different from “others”. This feeling I can't describe...It's so rare I get it for someone. It's like weird, good and frightening all at once.
However I need to remember that I don't know how it will be when we'll meet up and particularly after that.
Ohh shit, I'm lost. Do I stay away from you or not? I admit I ain't ready to change how it is between us right now but I also accept that I'm getting attached to you emotionally.
Sometimes, I wish I should have known you in other circumstances. But still I don't know you well yet.
Can't wait to find what we will be happening in the days to come.

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